This is the home for Elisha Sears and where his web serial Trillodan Exiles will be updated weekly on Sunday; any alteration to the content release schedule will be noted as need arises.

About Trillodan Exiles:

In a reality where Earth is no more, humans are now residing on alien planets as refugees, trying to keep their head down and survive as a species.  One such planet is Tso’got, a planet rife with corruption and misery, where strength is everything.  Humankind have been accepted there since 2056, but tensions are high due to Adaptations: the impossible powers of the newest generation.

Unnatural and arcane abilities incite chaos and up the stakes for criminal and common man alike; as Nicholas Weld takes up arms, he finds himself in a violent storm that reaches far beyond what he could have ever imagined.  But as he joins forces with unlikely and tenuous allies in the maelstrom, all must ask what they are willing to sacrifice for the greater good.

About the author:

I kept to myself in school, afraid of ridicule for being different.  At home though, I made myself stories and adventures.  There were epic narratives for stuffed animals, capers in space for beanie babies, and adventures for rubber lizards where my cats were the big boss at the end.  Now older, I continue to have these weird stories rattling around in my head though my kittens are no longer the threat to the kingdom anymore.

My name is Eli (Elisha Sears if you must be formal) and Trillodan Exiles is my first step into a realm of writing untouched for me.  The idea of a web serial was something contemplated in the past, but only recently has there been adequate nudging to get me to take this plunge and give this a shot.  With any luck, this is the first of many stories we can all enjoy seeing unfold.